Hanging my Shingle, Making a Website

They teach you a lot in law school.  The Bar Exam covers a lot of information.  I've learned a lot about the law and I've learned a lot about how to use it.  What they don't teach you, what the bar doesn't cover, and what I am currently learning, is how to manage a business and gather clients.  

I became a lawyer to help people.  I have seen friends and family treated unfairly and have seen the worst of the judicial system.  I have seen the wrong side of the bars and been on the wrong end of the handcuffs.  I've been scared and confused about why this whole system, the entire STATE, wants to punish me.  I've been there.  I've spent the better part of a decade learning all about the judicial system in order to protect people who are now in that same position.  I want to help people.  But I cannot help people if I cannot connect with them.  

I have been making good friends with great attorneys who are helping me get started.  The Cobb Bar has been more than welcoming and the Circuit Defender has gladly accepted my help, but I can do more.  

I am creating this website to connect with people who I can help.  The judicial system is extremely complex and also very efficient at prosecuting anyone who might have been caught in the net.  If you're in that position then please give me a call.  I want to help.