Second Annual SSDP Cannabis Composition Competition

Fall 2017 UGA SSDP Composition Competition

“Books are the best weapon in the world… Arm yourself!”
- Dr. Who

Christopher B. Cahill, Attorney at Law, is sponsoring an essay competition to develop and spread knowledge about the war on drugs. The essays should be researched and in a proper, scholastic format.  The writer of the winning essay will receive a $100.00 cash prize.  $5.00 will be donated to SSDP at UGA for each essay submitted 


Fall 2017 Essay topics: 
1. The effects of a misdemeanor possession charge on the life of a college student, any discussion of personal experiences is encouraged. 
2. The development and evolution of Haleigh's Hope and the medical marijuana laws in Georgia, and if/how it can be improved.  

Submission date: September 30, 2017

Winners announced: Date TBA

Prize:  $100.00 cash prize for the best essay.

Rules: 2 (full) page, double spaced, minimum limit.  Contestant's choice on format.  Written by a UGA student.  
* As this is to encourage scholarly debate, an ideal paper will be 5 pages and well-researched.  Meeting the minimum requirements will simply ensure the submission's consideration. 

Judge Panel: TBA

$5 will be donated to UGA SSDP for each qualifying submission.  The authors of the first submitted essays will receive FREE T-SHIRTS. 

Essays may be submitted by e-mail to under the subject of WRITING COMPETITION. 

Good Luck!